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Joe Ta Xi

Joe Ta Xi

SKU: livro-JOE

"The Adventures of Joe Ta Xi" by Luca Araujo Brabec and Leca Araujo.

A book to laugh and draw, available in Portuguese and French.

  • Product Description

    It all started when I participated in the school's "Vide-grenier". This is an event for us to sell our used toys. I won 15 Swiss Francs, almost the amount I needed to buy the missing stickers in my World Cup album. I was excited by the idea of working and earning my own money, and I asked Mom to find me a job.

    At the same time, my mother used to find me laughing frequently when reading the books "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series or watching the episodes of "Mônica's gang".

    Then she had an idea: "Luca, what about writting a book with your stories? You tell me funny stories and I write them. Then you draw the scenes, I publish them, we put them on sale and we share the profit. What do you think?". It was Mom's strategic idea to get my attention off the iPad and the TV.

    "I think it's great", I said! But then I realized that the book would be pretty much more funny if each person who read it could draw their own version of the scenes.

    So I decided that I would only do a few drawings and allow readers to participate in the book with their drawings in different stories.

    Thus was born this book that promises to amuse you and stir your imagination.

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