And it comes to an end...

Held in a picturesque and friendly cafe-bookstore (Les Recyclables) in the concept of sustainability, the Esperança exhibition was inspired by a small plant you loved to blow when you were a child, the dandelion.

According to the legend, the dandelion has been formed by the dust sown by the carriage of the sun during its daily peregrinations: its yellow flowers open at dawn and close at dusk. Her name seems to come from the Greek word "Taraxos", agitation, "akos", healing. In the tenth century, it was already used by Arab physicians and in the sixteenth century, it was considered one of the main drugs in pharmacies of England. Dandelion is rich in vitamins A, B6, C and minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper and iron), insulin, pectin, riboflavin and thiamine.

Freedom, optimism and spiritual enlightenment are some of the meanings of this small plant due to the lightness of the flowers that come off easily when blown.

They say that if one makes a wish before the blow, that wish will come true.

In Northeast Brazil, it’s known, providentially, by the name of "Esperança", (hope in Portuguese)... exactly what we carry inside our hearts in the first day of each year and when confronted with many challenges of life. This is also what drives our desire for a sustainable world.

You are invited to discover what are the existing recycled materials in each artwork.

And voilà! I wish good winds bring you hope... and enjoy! ☺