Seeking for a better world, Leca Araujo puts together ecology and diverse social themes with authenticity and intensity.

With an alchemical spirit, the artist brings this composition in a subtle and harmonious way, combining different types of paints and textures in the same work, with various recycled materials, through mixed technique.

The design and the choice of materials carry diverse studies and researches inherent in conceptual art. 


In the series "As Marias", the hair illustrates the uniqueness of each profile depicted.

The black in black brings the reflection about being « similar but different ». Similar challenges, with different particularities. Similar feelings, with different intensities. "Because each human being is unique!", affirms the artist.

"I paint several Brazilian female profiles (black, white, yellow, Marias, Clarices, Teresas, etc ...) as if they were all black and named Marias. The idea is to bring Brazilian women into a common context and then talk about the beauty and differences of each one, which actually is not in their appearance but in their soul", adds Leca Araujo.

© 2020 by Leca Araujo 

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