Leca Araujo had her first contact with art since she was very young.

Having grown up in a family of architects and designers, the artist navigated through different disciplines such as mosaics, charcoal on paper, pottery and others, until finding her passion for painting.

Her first artworks, at the age of 10, used to bring charcoal on paper, pyrogravure and oil painting, in a classic style.

In 2011 Leca starts her first contemporary design. The first essay of the series "Les Jardins" ("Os Invertebrados") then appears.

First artworks - 1985
Current artworks
Capacete Malala.jpg
Huile sur toile et des matériaux de récupération

In 2013, motivated by the birth of her son and the idea of living in a balanced world, the artist incorporates recycled elements and social themes in her creations.

An in-depth work comes out with a subtle appeal to sustainability.

Her definition of a sustainable world goes far beyond ecology and respect for nature. It primarily includes the respect for everything human. She believes there is no ecologically balanced world if it’s not also humanly balanced.


Currently Leca lives in Switzerland.

With participation in biennials and exhibitions in several countries, the artist is engaged in many cultural projects, such as « L’Aquarelle Durable » and « Circuit Cafe-Culture ». The former aims to disseminate the idea of getting to a well-balanced world by promoting art among children, while the latter aims to connect different cultural cafés around the world.