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I grew up in a family of architects and designers, and for that reason I had access to different types of art, materials, and media, at a very young age.

My first works, around the age of 10, featured charcoal on paper, pyrogravure and oil painting on Eucatex, in a more classic style.


But I always heard that art would never pay my bills, so I went to exercise my creativity in other worlds, like technology. At that moment, art for me was just a way of describing beauty.

In 2011, art brought a new meaning to me, a search for myself, and then I started my first contemporary traits.

The first essay of the series "Les Jardins" then came up, with the work "Os invertebrados".

The birth of my son Luca, as well as some particular scenarios in which I found myself, motivated me to use art as a tool to foster the construction of a more balanced world. At that moment I felt the need to incorporate recycled elements and social themes.

I would not classify my work as sustainable or ecological, but as an appeal to balance in this world of dualities.

First Artworks - 1985
IMG_2679 (1)_edited.jpg
Current Artworks
Capacete Malala.jpg
Huile sur toile et des matériaux de récupération

Currently Leca lives and works in Switzerland.

With participation in biennials and exhibitions in several countries, the artist is involved in many cultural projects.

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