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Art Installations

The artist creates scenarios in different shows, which allow the public to dive into her research and conceptions.

The Scream

The art installation, presented at the Lyon Biennale (2019), features 6 contemporary women with an important role in the struggle for gender equality. Such women are represented through helmets, containing an inner sound and adorned by elements that recall the struggle of each one of them.

The helmets are arranged in a circle, along with seats made from recycled tires, in order to generate a conversation between them, alluding to women's beauty salons.

in their skin

The installation, which preceded the work "O Grito", similarly composed by helmets and recycled tires, represents 4 Brazilian women from the series "As Marias" and was initially presented in 2018 at the exhibition of the same name, during the Human Rights Week at the United Nations Palace, in Geneva.

In 2019 it was acquired and exhibited by the Personal Structures venue, organized by the European Cultural Centre, in the context of the Venice Biennale.

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