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Series - Les Jardins

In 2001, the main international newspapers denounced the "excess information syndrome" as the evil of the century, based on the fact that there were 1.5 billion Gb printed information, magnetic films or archives, about 100 television channels on the air and 2 billion pages available on the Internet. Such figures represented, at the time, an average of 250 Mb of information per man, woman and child on the planet, causing a typical feeling of anxiety and weakness.

Many years later we have more than 550 TV channels and approximately 140 billion pages available on the internet. According to research done by a technology company, every minute there are 1,736,111 tastings on Instagram, 4,166,667 likes on Facebook, 77,160 hours of video on Netflix, 347,222 twitter tweets ... and the world lays down in a coma.

In a period of time when nature calls for attention, with approximately 500 botanical gardens in the world, it is estimated that we spend an average of 490 minutes (more than 8 hours) a day with some kind of media.

The series "Les Jardins" promotes a reflection on the daily consumption of information versus the daily "consumption" of inspiration, breathing.

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